2 units. Oysters from Delta del Ebro nº2+1 Glass of Cava 7,50€
6 units. Oysters from Delta del Ebro nº2+1 Glass of Cava 17,00€
6 units. Oysters from Delta del Ebro nº2+2 Glasses of Cava 18,00€
Fried oysters (4 un.) 6,80€
Grilled Oyster with ponzu sauce (un) 3,75€
Oyster in a shot glass with sake and flying fish roe (un) 5,50€
French oyster  (un)
(Mild taste and less saltiness due to its proximity to the north pole)
Oysters tartar and scallop with guacamole 7,30€
Bread with butter 1,75€


Galician octopus tempura with algae romesco 14,00€
Baked wild fish market 25,30€
Scallop with teriyaki sauce and sea urchin 7,15€
Cold red tuna cannelloni with guacamole and Ponzu sauce 9,00€
Oxtail cannelloni (1 un ) 8,00€
Duck, boletus and foie canneloni 8,00€
Bluefin tuna cheek and shrimp rice with mussels and anemones 19,50€


“Coca” bread with tomato 3,50€
Cured Iberian ham 70 gr. 19,50€
Seaweed salad 8,50€
Shrimp salad with curry mayonnaise 9,20€
Rustic cannelloni 8,00€
Patatas bravas with wasabi touch 4,85€
Mushrooms and foie croquettes (1 un.) 1,90€
Sea urchin and sea anemone croquettes  (1 un) 2,10€
Iberian ham croquettes  (1 un) 1,90€
Oxtail Dim Sum  (4 un) 8,90€
Crayfish skewer with curry mayonnaise (4 un) 5,90€
Oyster and scallop tartar with guaacamole 7,30€
Mini steak tartare with a Japanese touch 9,90€
Yakisoba with vegetables and prawns 11,00€
Baby cuttlefish stuffed with Catalan sausage 7,90€


Red tuna mini tartare 9,90€
Tuna belly tartare with sea urchin and salmon roe 18,00€
Stone-grilled tuna belly 24,50€
T-bone tuna steak with amontillado sauce 18,00€
Red tuna neck 18,00€
Red tuna cheek marinated with jerez 18,00€


Sea urchin rice 19,80€
Sea urchin and sea anemones rice 20,90€
Mushrooms and red prawns rice 18,90€


Oxtail with red wine sauce 9,50 €
Iberian suckling pig cooked 24 hours 19,80 €
Cheese: a weekly selection of differents cheeses 11,00 €
Bread and butter  1,65 €


 4 tapas (chef suggestion)


Arborio tasting rice, a market fish and a meat

and ending with a dessert

40,00 €

Note: the tasting menu is served only for fully tables.
Drinks are not included


The tuna menu consists in 5 dishes of different parts of tuna, with different elaborations.

Dessert included

45 €

Note: tasting menu is served for fully tables. Drinks are not included.